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Wednesday October 7, 2020 - Times viewed: 363
ANNOUNCER: Tonight, on NOVA— HELGA JONINA GUDMUNDSDOTTIR: It was shaking the house. ERIKUR FINNUR GREIPSSON: The roof was just torn off. ANNOUNCER:It strikes without warning and wipes out everything in its path. Now, scientists take you inside an avalanche to unlock its deadly secrets. JIM DENT: Jay and I cannot move. We are buried inside the house. ANNOUNCER: It's a battle to understand and control the "Avalanche." Major funding for NOVA is provided by The Park Foundation, dedicated to education and quality television. And by The Corporation for Public Broadcasting and vi ...
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Monday December 14, 2020 - Times viewed: 363
Apophis, an asteroid that could be on a collision course with Earth.
NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON: Welcome to a new season of NOVA science. I'm Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist and your host. In each show, we'll bring you several stories, breaking news from the frontiers of science. You'll meet my fellow scientists exploring the universe, from the tiniest microbes to the farthest reaches of the cosmos. First, let's take a look at our own solar system. It can seem like an orderly place, where the planets chug along in their orbits like trains on a track. But there's no guarantee those tracks will remain clear, because in addition to the planets, there's a lot of ...
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Tuesday October 6, 2020 - Times viewed: 363
Anthony Scaramucci insightful and candid interview of Donald Trump
Anthony Scaramucci is a founder and managing partner at SkyBridge Capital. In 2017, he served briefly as the White House communications director for Donald Trump. This interview was conducted by FRONTLINE’s Michael Kirk on October 3, 2019. It has been edited for clarity and length. VIDEO INTERVIEW: The transcript below is interactive. Select any sentence to play the video. Highlight text to share it. The Rise of Obama So let’s start with Obama. Just—we won’t spend much time on Obama, but as an observer of it all. When he comes—when he leaves office, a lot of people that we’ve talked to ...
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Tuesday October 6, 2020 - Times viewed: 363
Breaking News: President Trump and First Lady both tested positive for covid-19
ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: And good morning to you. I'm Anderson Cooper in New York. We are following the major breaking news. U.S. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have both tested positive for the coronavirus. A statement from the White House doctor says they will quarantine at the White House while they recover. It also says they're doing well and the president will carry out his duties without disruption. There was a lot we do not know at this moment just in terms of exactly when the president learned that he had tested positive and the first lady. Last word toni ...
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Saturday May 22, 2021 - Times viewed: 363
President Trump Sleeping at Walter Reed Medical Center
ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: Good evening. It's 9:00 p.m. here in New York and at the Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. And despite a taped message tonight from the president who's spending another night there, we still do not know the plain facts of his condition. So far today we've seen his doctor give a briefing that might actually have subtracted knowledge from the world evading questions about when the president was given oxygen and laying out a time line he later retracted. We heard from a source reported by "The New York Times" and Associated Press to be chief of sta ...
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Tuesday October 6, 2020 - Times viewed: 363
President spending second night at Walter Reed Medical Center
ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: Good evening. President of the United States is spending second night at Walter Reed Medical Center. While we would normally start the broadcast telling you exactly what we know about his condition, there is so little we actually know, it's perhaps more telling to let you know what we don't know. We don't know exactly why the president was taken to Walter Reed. We know he had a fever but his personal doctor would not how bad it was. We've learned he required supplemental oxygen to help him breathe yesterday, we didn't learn that through his doctor, who went out ...
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Tuesday October 6, 2020 - Times viewed: 363
POTUS and First Lady Tested Positive for Coronavirus
ANDERSON COOPER 360 DEGREES POTUS and First Lady Tested Positive for Coronavirus; Hope Hicks Tested Positive Earlier; Joe Biden Compelled to Have COVID Test; President Trump Tests Positive For Coronavirus; Top Aide Hope Hicks Earlier Diagnosed With COVID-19; Markets Affected By President Trump's Having COVID-19. Aired 3-4a ET Aired October 2, 2020 - 03:00 ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. [03:00:00] DON LEMON, CNN HOST: A lot of things, what it means for our government, and so on and so forth. But Dana, we thank you for ...
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Tuesday October 6, 2020 - Times viewed: 363
The Martyrdom of Saints Perpetua and Felicitas
This is the prison diary of a young woman martyered in Carthage in 202 or 203 CE. The beginning and ending are related by an editor/narrator; the central text contains the words of Perpetua herself. Read more about the story of Perpetua from our interviews with New Testament scholars. A number of young catechumens were arrested, Revocatus and his fellow slave Felicitas, Saturninus and Secundulus, and with them Vibia Perpetua, a newly married woman of good family and upbringing. Her mother and father were still alive and one of her two brothers was a catechumen like herself. She was ab ...
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Tuesday October 6, 2020 - Times viewed: 363
Germany's Memorial  To The Murdered Jews Of Europe
Architecture is about monuments and graves, said the Viennese architect Adolf Loos at the turn of the 20th century. This meant that an individual human life could be commemorated by a single stone, slab, cross, or star. The simplicity of this idea ended with the Holocaust and Hiroshima and the mechanisms of mass death. Today an individual can no longer be certain to die an individual death, and architecture can no longer remember life as it once did. The markers that were formerly symbols of individual life and death must be changed, and this has a profound effect on the idea of both memory an ...
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Monday December 14, 2020 - Times viewed: 363
From Hebrew Bible to Christian Bible: Jews, Christians and the Word of God
In his teaching, Jesus often quoted the Jewish Scriptures; after his death, his followers turned to them for clues to the meaning of his life and message. Biblical scholar Mark Hamilton discusses the history of these ancient texts and their significance for early Christians and their Jewish contemporaries. Mark Hamilton is currently writing a PhD dissertation at Harvard University called 'The Body Royal: Kingship and Masculinity in Ancient Israel.' His article "The Past as Destiny" will appear in the October issue of the Harvard Theological Review The Origins of the Hebrew Bible and Its Co ...
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Tuesday October 6, 2020 - Times viewed: 363
Richard A. Clarke | The Man Who Knew
President Clinton’s national coordinator for counterterrorism, he is currently President Bush’s special adviser for cyberspace security. In this interview he talks about the attributes that made John O’Neill stand apart in the world of counterterrorism, sketches Al Qaeda’s threat and how it came into focus for U.S. intelligence, and discusses some of John O’Neill’s battles, including the USS Cole investigation. This interview was conducted March 20, 2002. How did you first meet John O’Neill? What were the circumstances? I didn’t know John at the point where I first called him. He had bee ...
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Tuesday October 6, 2020 - Times viewed: 363
Undocumented Crime Victims Face Heightened Risk of Deportation
For a decade, the U.S. has offered a special visa to some immigrants who are crime victims. Those who survive domestic violence, human trafficking or sexual assault — and help law enforcement investigate the crime — can apply for a U visa, which allows them to remain legally in the U.S. Earlier this month, the stakes changed. Undocumented victims who are denied a U visa may now receive an order to appear before an immigration judge — the first step toward deportation, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency said last week. “It is expected that individuals who no longer ha ...
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Tuesday October 6, 2020 - Times viewed: 363
For Refugees in the Trump Era, a Tougher Path to the U.S.
Afkab Hussein takes advantage of his commutes as a truck driver in Columbus, Ohio to speak to his wife and son, both of whom live in Nairobi, Kenya. They talk every day, sometimes for more than three hours, and his wife tells him about the words their two-year-old, Abdullahi, has learned in their native Somali. Hussein, 30, has never met his son in person. He has gotten to know him through video chats and the dozens of pictures his wife sends. He loves to make Abdullahi – who is fascinated by cars – laugh by showing him the inside of his truck. For his birthday in November, Hussein bought h ...
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Tuesday October 6, 2020 - Times viewed: 363
How Europe's Refugee Crisis Was Years in the Making
The migration crisis facing Europe didn’t unfold overnight. For weeks, the world’s eyes have been fixed upon the tens of thousands of migrants and refugees arriving on the continent’s doorstep seeking safety, stability or a better life. But the crisis was years in the making, with a brutal civil war in Syria adding millions of refugees to those fleeing from conflicts elsewhere, including Afghanistan, Iraq and Nigeria. It is the scale of the crisis that is so extraordinary, the worst the world has seen since the mass migrations triggered by the end of World War II, when an estimated 20 milli ...
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