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Dec 01 2020 Disputing Trump, Barr says no widespread election fraud
Dec 01 2020 Congress readies final rebuke of Trump foreign policy
Nov 28 2020 Former head of U.S. election security calls Trump team fraud allegations 'farcical'
Nov 28 2020 Recount in Wisconsin county demanded by Trump increases Biden's margin
Nov 28 2020 In fresh blow to Trump, U.S. court rejects Pennsylvania election case
Nov 27 2020 Where Trump beat the stuffing out of Biden
Nov 27 2020 Trump still refuses he lost the election
Nov 27 2020 Trump says he'll leave if Electoral College seats Biden
Nov 26 2020 Biden seeks unity as Trump stokes fading embers of campaign
Nov 23 2020 Trump GSA Appointee Accused of Sabotaging 'Peaceful Transfer' of Power by Refusing to Sign Off on 'Critical' Transition Document
Nov 23 2020 Trump aims to box in Biden abroad, but it may not work
Nov 22 2020 Judge Dismisses Trump Campaign's Bid To Delay Vote Certification In Pennsylvania
Nov 22 2020 Trump Appointee Unconstitutionally Interfered With VOA, Judge Rules
Nov 20 2020 Trump, allies make frantic steps to overturn Biden victory
Nov 20 2020 Mitt Romney calls president's actions 'undemocratic'
Nov 20 2020 Georgia certifies Biden's win
Nov 20 2020 After Trump meeting, Michigan GOP leaders say Biden's win still stands
Nov 20 2020 Michigan group sues Trump campaign citing disenfranchisement of Black voters
Nov 20 2020 Trump bid to overturn vote crashes into wall of deadlines
Nov 18 2020 Trump Fires Election Security Chief, Also Second In Command Quits Over Trump Firing
Nov 18 2020 Georgia Deadline Looms for Hand Count of Presidential Election
Nov 16 2020 Trump backers drop court cases challenging voting results in four states, another setback in bid to undo Biden win
Nov 16 2020 Beyond irresponsible: Republicans must put Americans and reality ahead of fealty to Trump
Nov 16 2020 What if Trumps Tries to Pardon Himself?
Nov 15 2020 A Child Psychiatrist's Perspective on Trump's Behavior
Nov 15 2020 3 scholars say Trump isn't staging a coup, but he still poses a threat to democracy
Nov 15 2020 What to do when your president has a temper tantrum
Nov 14 2020 What Europe fears most about the US election
Nov 14 2020 Giuliani wrecks Trump campaign's well-laid legal plans
Nov 14 2020 The end of American democracy as we know it - if Donald Trump Wins Election