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Jul 22 2021 Pelosi says 'deadly serious' Jan. 6 probe to go without GOP
Jul 19 2021 The real reason Trump keeps telling the Big Lie
Jul 14 2021 Fourth Stimulus Check: Is Another Relief Payment Possible?
Jul 14 2021 Judge agrees to free QAnon believer charged in Capitol riot
Jul 07 2021 GOP Sen. Ron Johnson mouths to GOP luncheon that climate change is 'bullsh*t'
Jun 29 2021 They Were Deported by Trump. Now Biden Wants to Bring Them Back
Jun 29 2021 Newsom sues elections chief to call himself a Democrat on recall ballot
Jun 29 2021 Trump's false reality is being exposed on multiple fronts
Jun 28 2021 Is a 'Cold War' really emerging between China and the US?
Jun 23 2021 Justices rule for cursing cheerleader over Snapchat post
Jun 23 2021 Why Biden didn't do more to avert voting rights defeat
Jun 22 2021 GOP ready to block elections bill in Senate showdown
Jun 16 2021 'Pure insanity': emails reveal Trump push to overturn election defeat
Jun 16 2021 Huge win for progressives as Lina Khan takes helm at FTC
Jun 16 2021 'Shocking failure': Pentagon and FBI come under fire for Jan. 6 responsec
Jun 13 2021 The queen meets her 13th U.S. president: Joe from Scranton
Jun 13 2021 Internet Reportedly Shut Off as G7 Leaders Squabble With Biden Over China
Jun 11 2021 New Trump scandal shows the depth of his assault on America's democratic foundations
Jun 10 2021 Rep. Louie Gohmert asks if Forest Service can shift Earth's or moon's orbit to fight climate change!
Jun 07 2021 Cheney: Trump's actions 'the most dangerous thing' a president has ever done
Jun 07 2021 American senators visited Taiwan to announce the donation of 750,000 doses of Covid vaccines. The donation is likely to draw the ire of Beijing
Jun 04 2021 China desires to strengthen the road to Afghanistan for security as US withdraws 3000 troops
Jun 04 2021 Few plea bargains in U.S. Capitol riot cases as prosecutors stand firm
Jun 04 2021 Can Trump run again in 2024 election?
Jun 03 2021 Talk of Trump 2024 run builds as legal pressure intensifies
Jun 01 2021 An Evangelical Battle of the Generations: To Embrace Trump or Not?
May 27 2021 AP FACT CHECK: House GOP falsely blames Biden for gas prices
May 27 2021 GOP offers $928B on infrastructure, funded with COVID aid
May 26 2021 Trump responds to insurrection lawsuit by claiming immunity while he was President
May 22 2021 Shock of Jan. 6 insurrection devolves into political fight