Nursing Home Residents With Dementia Enjoy Very Special Guest When Visits Are Restricted – a Miniature Horse
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Residents at Rosevale Care Home in York, England, always “benefit greatly” from pet therapy, which allows them to interact with animals.

Sarah Fearn, lifestyle and activities co-ordinator at the home, said many residents who normally spend most of the day in their rooms were eagerly interacting with others when they got the chance to stroke a pony.

“Different pets come every month into the care home,” said Sarah. It brings back memories and allows the residents—90 percent of whom suffer from dementia—”to express themselves in ways they probably wouldn’t otherwise.”

We had a lady who was really upset ten minutes before, she was crying, we took the horse to her and within minutes she was so happy. Even the residents who are quiet and don’t mingle, they talked to ...

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Courtesy, The Boston Sun.

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